The Sea Froze So Fast That It Killed Thousands Of Fish Instantly

The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly

Norwegian public radio (Google-translated) reports on the instant dead of thousands of fish in a bay in the island of Lovund, Norway. An air temperature of -7.8C combined with a strong east wind froze the sea water instantly, trapping and killing the fish you can see in this fishapocalyptic image:

The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly

The dog owner says that he has never seen such a phenomenon. NRK claims that the herrings were chased by cormorants into the bay when the deadly freezing happened. Aril Slotte — the head of pelagic fish department at Norway's Institute of Marine Research — says it is not uncommon for herring to get very near the shore when chased by predators, sometimes getting trapped by the low tide in areas like this bay.

I wish I were there. I love herring.


    I am guessing that with them frozen, one could in theory walk out onto the water with an ice pick and dig up a few for dinner?

      I would say so. Gives a new meaning to frozen fresh.

    A lot of the fish don't appear to have been frozen instantly, they look like they went belly up first.

      Well, not "instantly", of course. (*freeze ray* *freeze ray* *freeze ray* I'll take those donuts and coffee)

    Oh global warming

      But this disproves it. This is global cooling. lulz.

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        You do know what sarcasm is don't you?

          poor sarcasm aside... it is definitely global warming... slightly warmer sea & arctic = slowing polar water and wind currents = more cold winds escaping further away from arctic circles... Nordic regions will get colder as global warming ramps up...

            Yes. The denialist climate model is one where they expect a +1 degree increase to be reflected exactly on every part of the globe at all times. LOL

              We see hot places and cold places (previously known as "weather"). You say that global warming causes localized cooling but why couldn't the global cooling be causing localized warming? That would explain why the IPCC predictions have been incorrect for the last decade. I think you are a solar warming cycle denialist (yes, let's call people names that really establishes how much we know ... btw that is sarcasm).

    if it thaws, will alive again?

      If you are being serious... then yes, yes they will be alive again... :)

      Nope. Dead. Freezing living tissue causes the water in the cells to crystallise which bad for things that want to be alive. Its one of the major issues with Cryogenics, keeping stuff cold to the point of frozen without these crystals forming.

      So they are dead fish, but probably still delicious nonetheless.

        arent there some animals with the ability to be frozen solid, and then thaw out and be alive again, none the worse?

          There are fish with a chemical in their body that stops their cells from freezing (or causing them to crystalize) but they are very much alive and swimming around, so they're not technically frozen.

          The wood frog is one that can -

        in all seriousness though...

        if a lake or pond dries up or freezes over completely, how are there fish or frogs in it after it thaws out or rains?

        Where do they come from??

          I think I heard that it is usually the first few layers of water that freeze.. Deep down, the water is still warmer and hence the fish and frogs are still sipping coffee... :P

            Also theres fish that travel by bird, but not as nicely as that sounds,
            Fish gets pregnant->bird catches fish->bird travels miles and drops the fish in a new lake(dead)->fish babies survive and grow.

            I've seen a show that showed a particular frog that is frozen in a block of ice and when it was thawed, it started to move again. Same show had a fish that was dried out in the ground could be placed in water and it was all good again. I think they said could survive a few years being dried up. Freaky animals

        EDIT: Sorry, replied to wrong comment.

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    Best break out the chain saw and store them in blocks for later, otherwise it's gonna stink round here...!! :)

    So is it the dog, or the dog's owner that's never seen such a phenomenon...?!

      lol, I was looking for a similar comment...

      I was going going to say "I bet the Dog never saw this before either".

    Not sure if frozen water or Jesus dog...

    Jesus dog stuck on frozen lake when cold snap came in? Teach him for showing off.

    I call bullshit. Really bad photoshopping btw.

    Those Herrings may be hard enough now to chop down the mightiest tree in the forest. Ni !!

    People seriously think this is a photoshop? The dogs lead is one of those extendable ones that automatically reels back in. A friend has one that looks identical. Open the full size pics - you can see the thin part of the dog lead after the red section...

    It looks like a pretty typical phone camera pic...

    Thoughtscan of Dog's brain - "My fish, MY FISH"

      I am here the son of the fathers my hand will touch the world and it will end earth is not your home you need more proof I am here the son ok

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