This Clear Purple Sea Creature Is Proof The Ocean Is Where Aliens Hide

This clear purple sea creature is proof the ocean is where aliens hide

Say hi to the Portuguese man o' war. It's purple, it's clear, it looks like a balloon, it's painfully venomous, but it's not a jellyfish and you wouldn't have to convince me too hard that it's from an alien world. This Portuguese man o' war, which other than being a fantastic name, washed up on a beach to freak people out (and to expose the alien hideout that is the ocean).

The Portuguese man o' war is often mistaken as a jellyfish (because jellyfish look freaking crazy and we're more understanding of crazy looking things like the man o' war as long as they're called jellyfish) but is actually a siphonophore. Siphonophores are fascinating because they look like a single organism but they're not, they're actually a colonial organism made up of little individuals called zooids. Zooids are attached and dependent on each other so much that they can't survive independently.

What I have determined after learning all that and seeing the man o' war is that aliens have already crash landed on Earth and they've been living in the ocean. It's the only thing that makes sense.


    I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is from Giz US? Seeing as every Australian would know what these are.

    Siphonophores have horrified me for a long time. This video only serves to reinforce that horror.

    I'm pretty sure I killed a lot of them in XCOM: Terror From The Deep...

    So a blue-bottle then. Not exactly alien on east coast beaches when there's a nor-easter blowing...

      Yep, pretty damn common to probably most people here.

      I've been stung a few times. It hurts like hell and the marks lasts a good 2 years or so.

    Few things bother me but that... is a truly nasty looking thing. I know I am going to see it in my dreams tonight.

    It looks like some kind of weird sex toy.

      We were all thinking that, but you had to lower the moral tone and type it.......for shame......

    Looks creepy... But also weird... Kinda reminds me of that game Flow

    If they think a simple bluebottle is weird, what would they think of a sea slug (glaucus atlanticus)!

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