The Perfect Valentine's Day Card For Our Times

The Perfect Valentine's Day Card for Our Times

You haven't made Valentine's Day plans yet. That's OK! Who needs 'em? Manufactured holiday, singlehood empowerment, overpriced prix fixe menus. But if you must make a romantic gesture next month, let it be this card. It sums up modern relationships pretty much perfectly.

From the inspired mind of Emily McDowell, the $US4.50 greeting crams more sentiment into 160 square centimetre of heavyweight matte stock than a dozen roses or sonnets ever could:

There is nobody else I'd rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to.

You had to order it by January 22 to get it in time for the 14th. The ingenuity of the card should make up for it being late, right? [Etsy via Cup of Jo]

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