The Classic Bic Pen Now Works On Your Smartphone Display Too

The Classic Bic Pen Now Works On Your Smartphone Display Too

Writing implements aren't going to be supplanted by touchscreen devices anytime soon. But that isn't stopping Bic from hedging its bets and ensuring its classic see-through plastic pens remain relevant. The company's new Cristal Stylus features a rubber tip on the bottom letting you jot notes on a touchscreen device, while the business end still features a ballpoint ink tip for writing on paper.

There are a few catches though. At around $US14 for three, they're definitely more expensive. And those of us who chew the ends of Bic pens to shreds will need to find another vice.

But even worse, as the folks at Chip Chick point out, the version of the Cristal Stylus pictured above, that shares the same stylings as the classic Bic pen, is actually the European version. The North American version, though more modern looking and sleeker, is actually kind of disappointing in comparison — at least for ballpoint pen purists. So hopefully that version will also be available here at some point soon. [Bic via Chip Chick]

The Classic Bic Pen Now Works On Your Smartphone Display Too


    Interesting concept, but why don't styluses for capacitive touch screens ever have a fine point? I feel like tablets would be a perfect replacement for graphics tablets (like those made by Wacom with no screen), because you can draw directly on the screen, but the tip isn't really fine enough for accurate drawing.

      I've discovered it's because they need a reasonable area of contact. Unless you can get an active stylus, as in battery powered, then you need a broad area for the screen to actually register it. I bought a Sony VAIO DUO 11 which comes with an active stylus that looks and feels kinda like a pen. Very nice to use and excellent for drawing too... :)

      The Galaxy Note's stylus does have a fine point. Samsung got together with Wacom to make it work.

        I believe the Galaxy-Note range have a digitizer as well as the standard capacitive touch screen - there's actually 2 separate layers of detection that allows it to work.

        Also, while the stylus on the Galaxy note is technically passive, it actually uses power sent from screen to make it very much like an active stylus. (Very similar to the way contactless cards are powered by the card reader.) - I'm not sure about the smaller Note-3 but the larger tablets have a setting to actually turn this off when a stylus is docked to increase battery life.

        Gotta love any "Pointing" device Wacom has a hand in. :-)

          That's pretty awesome.

    That so called US style pen design has been in Australia for decades, I buy 'em all the time...

    Stylus cost - $1. Pen cost - $1. Don't see why the price is so high.

    They already have a stylus it's called the lid. Leave it on and it works. Seen so many couriers do it that way.

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