Star Wars Onesies Function As Both Classy PJs And Backup Costumes

What's a Star Wars fan to wear when Mr Sleepy Eyes drops by for his regularly-timed evening visit? You could go commando, which I guess is kind of like channelling Boba Fett (but not really), or you could adorn yourself in one of these fashionable Star Wars-themed onesies.

Three options are available from Amazon — C-3PO, Darth Vader and for those who prefer to lurk in the background while smacking their heads on the tops of doorways, the Stormtrooper.

Yes, sleeping in them would be the best use, but I can think of another — an emergency option for those impromptu costume parties. You won't win any awards, sure, but at least you won't be that guy who turns up in normal clothes.

These stylish, sci-fi pyjamas will cost you a bit of coin, if you'd like them transported from the US to your home. Each one costs $US69.99, but you'll need to add $US25 for shipping to Australia, bringing the price to $US94.99.

[Amazon, via Geeks Are Sexy]

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