Square Is Coming To Australia According To Malcolm Turnbull

Federal politicians get downtime during the non-sitting period, and with it they're encouraged to go on discovery tours overseas, exploring businesses and organisations related to their portfolio. Right now it seems Malcolm Turnbull is in San Francisco with Jack Dorsey, and has broken the news that the mobile payments start-up will expand to Australia soon.

Turnbull tweeted a photo with himself and Jack Dorsey (above), with the following revelation:

For those playing at home, Square is the original mobile payments service which allows you to swipe credit and debit cards through a reader attached to your phone, and have the funds transferred to you immediately rather than have you lose money because the payer is without cash.



    Great to meet @jack and his team at @Square today to discuss his latest disruptive innovation soon to come to Aus.

    Nice change of pace from his NBN plan, which is a disruption to innovation.

      Now, now.

        Why the "now, now"? As tech enthusiasts we should all be making as much noise about the failings of the NBN as possible. This is an important issue! Don't let politics (or rather fear of appearing biased one way or the other) get in the way, the fact is we are being sold a crummy system, and if we don't do something about it, that is exactly what we will get.

        Of all people Luke, you should be out there making yourself heard on this issue (due to your position you have a large reach).

        this is a good example of responsible tech journalism (in my opinion):


        Luke he does have a point... (I'm not getting the optical NBN now).
        Due to Mr Turnbull the works for it was meant to to start in December in my area but now I have to Live with water logged degrading copper cables (2 lines have been replaced and looks like they will have to switch to the backup cables within the next month).

    I can't believe that anyone actually uses Square (but clearly they do). You hand your card to someone who swipes it through a small white unit plugged into their mobile phone. Who does that?

    Yeah from what I've read it's a backwards step and it's a piece of crap.
    Why not just push NFC ?

      Because Square is a product that was designed for Apple(tm) products. And Apple don't use NFC.
      I don't see why Square don't have a NFC app on Android.

    And with the crippling of the NBN, we can expect to be importing (rather than exporting) a lot of technology in the future.

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