Pebble Steel: The Next Generation Of Smart Watches For Grown-Up Geeks

The Pebble smart watch we all know and love has grown up significantly in just one year, announcing at CES 2014 a new piece of hardware called the Pebble Steel. Oh my.

The new premium Pebble is made from Marine-grade premium steel, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass on the face.

It features tactile metal buttons on the sides of the unit, packs a magnetic charging port on the right hand side and comes with both leather and metal bands.

There’s also a new RGB LED light which will indicate the charge state, but will be part of the SDK so developers can use it in their apps.

It comes in a brushed stainless model and a black matte version.

It’s still Bluetooth capable (despite being a metal box) and it’s waterproof to 5 metres.

It’s available today for $US249 and ships from January 28th with free global shipping for early orders.



    Nice, I like the brushed stainless steel. Have the specs changed in the new model (besides the obvious, a larger screen)?

      No it's same tiny screen. I won't be 'upgrading' my pebble anytime soon to this. To my eyes, nothing particularly striking about the overall design.

      To the best of my knowledge, the actual e-paper bits of the screen is the same size. There's just a bit more "watchface" in general, namely on the sides, but it's the same display as before.

      It doesn't show up very well in these pictures but if you look at the official announcement on the pebble site, you'll see some pictures where you can better work out which parts are just watchface and which parts are part of the e-paper display.

      Same screen, cpu, ram etc. only thing different is a tri color led backlight I believe.

    This is actually starting look practical. Better value than a traditional watch.

    As someone who hasn't owned a watch in... probably ever... why should I get this particular tech watch over any of the others coming out this year?

    And yes, I am in the market for a new watch, I'm sick of pulling out my phone to see the time.

    I love it that my watch is one of the only things I regularly use that doesn't require a battery or have any fancy tech in it that'll be outdated in a year, don't think I could ever jump on the smart watch bandwagon. My phone pisses me off enough!

    Starting to look less like a kids watch or charity armband, but I don't think I could replace my watch with two years worth of battery life with a 5-7 day smartwatch unless it was stupid simple to charge. Give me a smart watch with Qi charging and I might consider it. Plugging it in every couple of days can get stuffed. I have enough crap I need to do that with already!

    I suppose, if you put the charger next to your bed, and you could just keep it topped up each night...? Still too expensive though, so I think I'll wait for it to come down to something reasonable...! :)

    other than tell the time, what does this watch do?

    wait for the neptune pine smart watch, way better UI

      I just did a mockup of the neptune pine because it does look kind of neat. Its 66 mm wide and 53.4mm tall! Its 14mm thick! Here do this, take 2.5 inches of your iphone and cut that off. Stack it on top of the remaining 2 inches or so. Put that on your wrist and you have a rough approximation of how big the neptune actually is. Twice as thick and more than half as long. That's like strapping a go pro to your wrist. It also costs $100 more. There's only so much you can do with a watch without turning it into a farce. If they want to put a full screen and UI on the wrist, someone needs to make it fashionable to wear a sleeve like what Lela wears on Futurama. Otherwise, I think functionality needs to be limited to some degree, to keep the size from becoming a joke.

    Who cares what it looks like, the whole point of a smartwatch is the functionality so how well does it function?

    All so fugly. Sorry watches have to be round, smart or not.

      Tell that to Cartier, Bell and Ross, Hublot, Panerai, Audumars Piaget, etc. Watches don't have to be round to look good. This is a classic Tonneau shape, I think it looks pretty classy, ask me.

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