How Alfonso Cuaron Created The Weightless World Of 'Gravity'

When a British journalist asked director Alfonso Cuaron what it was like shooting in space for his award-winning film Gravity, we all snorted jovially to ourselves. Nobody can shoot in space, obviously, but how has he and his team made it look like they did? This behind-the-scenes glimpse shows you how the team tore apart cinematography to create something new.

Instead of simply suspending the actors on wires and throwing up static lights in front of them, the team behind Gravity created a light box for the actors to float inside of which simulated the open environment of space. A robot would then move the camera in ungodly ways to simulate the floating observer as it spins around the dynamically lit actor.

Sandra Bullock in her role as Dr Ryan Stone also undertook a huge amount of dancing and choreography training to make the wires look effortless in her performance.

Give them all the awards now, please.



    How come Sandra's hair wasn't floating all around the place like it should have been if she was in space. Such a crap movie.

      Yeh, it was the worst. I can't EVER forgive small technicalities that are virtually impossible to recreate without expensive (and inevitably sub-par) CGI — even if they have absolutely zero consequence on the outcome of the plot.
      It was a fantastic movie, despite anti-grav hair. Maybe she just used a lot of hair gel.

      Last edited 20/01/14 1:23 pm

        Small technicalities. Are you just joking. The film was full of big blunders. There's heaps of stories about all the mistakes made in the film. Big and small. I cringed all the way through the film because of all false things. Sorry but if you are going to make a movie that is suppose to be like it really is in real life, there is no excuse for the major mistakes this movie makes. It really ruined it for me. If it was science fiction, you could over look the lack of reality.
        Tear drop floats from face.
        Location of these space stations.
        The debris staying in their orbit time and time again.
        That you can see the debris coming at you at that speed.
        Having Clooney stretched out on his tether line like there was something pulling on him.
        Using fire extinguisher jet pack.
        Sandra being able to fly a Chinese space craft.
        Clooney flying around being an idiot with his jet pack.
        Entering space craft from the wrong place
        I could go on and on about all the mistakes but this message would take chapters to write.
        All in all its your typical Hollywood lets not let the truth get in the way of making a movie.
        I just played the movie for a second time and just couldn't finish watching it. And yeah what gives with the floating ping pong bat and ball in the Chinese craft. Did they expect us to believe that the Chinese were playing ping pong in their craft. Such a stupid stupid movie.

          Yeah, coz we all go to the cinemas in anticipation of scrutinising all the technical aspects of a movie. :/

          Must be sad to be you that you can't enjoy something for what its meant to be. Entertainment.

          You're missing the biggest blunder in the film. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock aren't astronaughts. So why are they in space.

          Just took me out of the movie. They simply aren't real astronauts. Why go to all this trouble to make a movie and not address this GIANT flaw.

        I'm with you. Great movie. Pee-pee is a jerk.

          You're the jerk for insulting someone who doesn't think like you. You liked the film. Good on you. I didn't. Good on me.

      I'd go with the sweat plastered it down... I don't know about you but I'd be sweating buckets going through all that!

        Every astronaut and space techno people that has seen the film all agreed that hair not floating about is complete BS

          News flash for you, it was not a documentary, it was entertainment.
          Do you hate on Jurassic Park because dinosaurs aren't real? Top Gun because the "migs" were actually American planes not Russian like they should have used (some how).

            I know it wasn't a documentary but it was a film about two astronauts. I'm saying with the knowledge that the average person has, why the glaring mistakes. That's like making a movie about F1 drivers and have them flying through the air. Stupid mistakes ruins films.
            They could of eliminated 60 percent of errors quite easily and it would not affect the story line and it would of been a better film. I understand why they didn't have Sandra's hair floating about because it would of been too hardto reproduce. But other mistakes were just down to laziness. They had advisers. They should of listened to them.

      If I went into space and I had long hair, I'd be taking steps to reduce the chance that stray hair was going to drift into my face. Hairspray/gel for example.

        Funny no woman astronaut has ever used a product like that in space. It could be that it would become useless due to sweating and hair spray is very flammable. Not good in a space ship.

        1) Apply hairspray
        2) Go flying around the room!

          She could have used that in the movie. :P

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