Foxtel Will Release Entire House Of Cards Season On-Demand

Season two of House Of Cards drops on 14 February, and now Aussies can binge watch the series without Netflix thanks to Foxtel.

Of course, to do so you'll need a Foxtel subscription.

Foxtel will not only start streaming season two of House Of Cards on 15 February when it drops on Netflix in the US, but it will also release the whole season onto its on-demand service. That means you can feasibly binge watch the show as nature and Netflix intended without using a geoblock workaround or VPN.

If you still want to watch it on Netflix, however, we've got a guide to show you how. To watch it in 4K will probably require you to use Netflix.

As Angus says over at Lifehacker, you now have no excuse to pirate House of Cards. [TV Tonight]

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