Every X-Men Character Revealed In This Incredible Empire Magazine Cover Series

Magazine covers can be beautiful things. It's sad so many of the great mags of old are closing down in favour of online given how great they can be. EMPIRE magazine has produced an insane 25-cover series to celebrate X-Men: Days Of Future Past, with each cover forming one frame in a beautiful panorama representing past, present and future. This is incredible.

It's quite image-heavy, and might require a few look-throughs, but this 25-cover series not only reveals every single character in Days Of Future Past in their young and old forms, but it also shows off the timeline of the film set against a crumbling Capitol building. The series is also bookended by the giant Sentinel robots.

It's being hailed as "the biggest superhero movie ever", and at this point, I'm inclined to believe it.

Check out the full trailer for Days Of Future Past below, and check out our previous coverage for talk about what went on in the comics for a preview of what to expect.

HT Dan Hindes

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