Dyson’s New Vacuum Cleaners Make You Feel Like A Superhero

Dyson’s New Vacuum Cleaners Make You Feel Like A Superhero

There’s something strangely throttling about a Dyson device. The curves feel futuristic, and the transparent plastic shows you what’s under the hood. And the latest generation runs faster than a Formula 1 race car. You almost have to pinch yourself to remember that it’s just a vacuum cleaner.

But it’s really not. Dyson’s new cordless DC58 and DC59 along with its latest upright DC65 are all-in-one cleaning machines. You can throw away your broom and really just smash your old vacuum cleaner, because these gadgets are all you’ll need.

DC58 and DC59

If you’re excited by how the DC58 handheld looks like a power drill, you’ll be very pleased to know that it feels like a power drill, too. The new 2 Tier Radial cyclone system uses 15 cyclones on two different levels to build centrifugal forces and an equal flow of air. As such, the DC58 is Dyson’s most powerful handheld vacuum.

It’s powerd by the V6 Dyson digital motor and produces three times the suction of any other cordless vacuum on the market. It also boasts improved battery life with a 26 minute cleaning time and charges in just 3.5 hours.

The DC59 is simply the DC58 handheld with an extension and newly configured motorhead.

The carbon fibre antistatic bristles scoop up dust and dirt effectively on any floor surface, including hardwood and tile. If you’re used to using an old school DustBuster or other cordless device, you probably avoid heavy cleaning jobs because frankly they don’t work this well. The DC59, however, does the job better than most upright vacuums in a much smaller package. It also comes with a wall charger that keeps the whole get-up out of the way. The vacuum is also impossibly light so it’s no problem lifting it above your head to reach high places. It actually makes you feel like superhero when you do.


The DC65 is an upgrade to Dyson’s upright line. It comes equipped with Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology to create enough suction to suck up even the smallest molecules like pollen and mould. Dyson also claims that it has twice the suction as other vacuums on the market and up to 180 air watts. The unique ball-based hinge on the bottom makes the DC65 incredibly manoeuvrable, too.

The real innovation in the DC65 happens where the vacuum hits the floor. With a longer brushbar comes 25 per cent more power, and shorter, stiffer bristles pick up more dust and dirt.

The instant release hose and extendable wand also come with a new tangle-free turbine tool that can even pick up hair without getting clogged. That means you can forget about your dog hair-coated couch messing up your nice slacks. Seriously, it’s so incredible to watch I almost want to cut up a bunch of wigs just so I can vacuum up their remains.