Civilisation V Now Has An Amazing Australian Mod

Civilisation V Now Has An Amazing Australian Mod

If you’ve ever played Civilization V, you know the sense of national pride you get for your own country while playing, but what if you could finally play as Australia in your bid to conquer the world? One enterprising team of modders has just made it possible.

Released on Australia Day, the Australian Civilization – Colonialist Legacies mod for Civ V lets you play as our great nation.

Australia is described as a “tourism-focussed civilization [sic] with strong ties to the ocean”.

Civ games let you play as a great leader in a specific nation’s history. The immortal soul you’ll play while assuming the role of Australia is Sir Henry Parkes, “the Father of Modern Australia”.

Australia as a civilisation will be able to build unique buildings like our national landmarks, explore special knowledge trees like a Refugee Program for the Modern age and will also get special “Digger” infantry units.

Here are the full notes:

Boundless Plains to Share: Settlers found Puppeted cities. The first 3 coastal Cities founded gain free buildings that provide additional Food and Tourism as Australia progresses throughout the ages. Mines gain +2 Production after Railroad is researched.

Prime Minister: Australia’s unique Great Writer, the Prime Minister will supply you with political quotes as Great Works that only Australia can produce. In addition, their mere rise to power will be enough to trigger a Golden Age!

Digger Infantry: Australia’s unique Great War Infantry, the Digger Infantry performs exceptionally in desert and foreign combat and can quickly be recruited from your Workers in times of need. Doesn’t obsolete at Plastics either.

Unique Australian Buildings (from the UA): Colonial Settlement (Classical), Mining Town (Renaissance), Refugee Programme (Modern), Tourism Department (Information).

There’s an argument in the comments of the mod of which Prime Minister or settler to include or not include, with Tony Abbott generally regarded as someone who should be out.

“I’ve excluded Abbott from the PM list for now seeing as he’s only been in power for a short time and John Howard is already in there. Botany Bay was named after the fact that there was lots of unique flora that the Europeans had never seen before,” wrote the mod’s creator.

The mod also includes other Australian celebs like Russell Crowe as a Spy unit.

The modders plan to add Canada and Mexico to the list of nations next.

Check it out over at the Steam Workshop. [Steam]