Chewbacca Actor Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Star Wars

The name Peter Mayhew might not sound familiar, even to those who call themselves die-hard Star Wars fans. Yet, he played as important (well, almost as important) a role as Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill when he donned the hirsute costume we all know as "Chewbacca". It also gave him the opportunity to collect some great photos while on the set, a number of which he's posted on Twitter.

Below is just a couple, showing the, uh, "original" C-3PO costume, George Lucas standing in a somewhat interesting position behind a Star Destroyer model and above, Harrison Ford doing his best "crazy person holding a blaster to his head" impression.

If you'd like to see more photos, including commentary from Mayhew, be sure to hit up his Twitter feed.

[Twitter, via Blastr]

Photos: Peter Mayhew

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