Aussie Tennis Fan Smashes TV With Tablet, Blames Channel Seven

App-based competitions are fun, aren’t they? Car company Kia for the Australian Open Tennis are challenging people to return a virtual serve on their phone, but now someone has put a tablet through a TV trying to beat the game. It’s the Wiimote catastrophe all over again. Does nobody ever learn?

The competition is simple. Use an app you download on a phone to return a virtual serve made by the current world record holder, Aussie player Sam Groth. Swing the phone at your TV and if you return it, you go in the draw to win a Kia car.

Last night’s Australian Open commentary on Channel Seven revealed that a viewer had complained to the network over the app-based stunt after he threw his tablet through his TV.

The complaint was revealed during Sam Groth’s stint as a guest commentator during Rafael Nadal’s match against Aussie 17-year old, Thanasi Kokkinakis.

“I was actually saying that to them [while I was shooting it] that this might be an issue,” Groth revealed during his commentary.

I guess he was more prophetic than he realised. It’s unclear the action Seven will take to rectify the issue if any. We've contacted them for comment.



    Why do people have to blame others now a days?
    sometimes it can be healthy just saying "whoops, i F**ked up"
    not "ZOMG THE [insert 3rd party here] MADE ME DO IT"

    That would be a great scam to get a new tv and tablet. I should of thought of it but i shut off whenever there is any mention of the tennis. Hope it works for him.

    Take responsibility for your own stupidity, sheesh

    It is because of dumb ^&*($ like this that everything in Australia need to be regulated to the N'th degree. But nooooo, let us legislate to save the moron gene pool instead.

    ha ha my missus works at Kia and was involved in this... how stupid can people be!

    I'm personally stunned that someone actually pays attention to TV commercials that they downloaded an app and then used it. Were they like 50 and kept watching after Today Tonight?

      It's during the tennis. I downloaded it to see how it works.
      Last time I downloaded a silly competition app I won a Sony Action Cam and $500 cash... so yeah, there's that too.

    seriously.. who uses a tablet like a tennis racket?
    It would be like using a large book.
    Clearly this app was meant for a phone.

    Yeah the person is a bit of an idiot, however people are idiots. They had a game of people swinging phones and tablets at their TV. Maybe they should have had a warning.

    Although what happened to all those people that busted their TV's with the Wii?

    At least the wiimote comes with a wrist-strap. I downloaded a Frisbee golf game, went through 4 tablets before I realised the game was on the screen. (Not really)

    Shorten the headline...
    Aussie tennis fan is a dickhead!..

    I smell an advertising gimmick in this story, and it seems to be working very well.

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