Aussie Tennis Fan Smashes TV With Tablet, Blames Channel Seven

App-based competitions are fun, aren’t they? Car company Kia for the Australian Open Tennis are challenging people to return a virtual serve on their phone, but now someone has put a tablet through a TV trying to beat the game. It’s the Wiimote catastrophe all over again. Does nobody ever learn?

The competition is simple. Use an app you download on a phone to return a virtual serve made by the current world record holder, Aussie player Sam Groth. Swing the phone at your TV and if you return it, you go in the draw to win a Kia car.

Last night’s Australian Open commentary on Channel Seven revealed that a viewer had complained to the network over the app-based stunt after he threw his tablet through his TV.

The complaint was revealed during Sam Groth’s stint as a guest commentator during Rafael Nadal’s match against Aussie 17-year old, Thanasi Kokkinakis.

“I was actually saying that to them [while I was shooting it] that this might be an issue,” Groth revealed during his commentary.

I guess he was more prophetic than he realised. It’s unclear the action Seven will take to rectify the issue if any. We've contacted them for comment.

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