Apple Buys Aussie Camera App Startup

Aussie app developer and founder of Snappy Labs, John Papandriopoulos, must be a happy man this morning: Apple has just confirmed that it has bought his company and his SnappyCam app for an undisclosed sum.

Pundits were vexed yesterday when Snappy Labs and Snappy Cam disappeared from the internet, the App Store and Twitter, but an answer appeared on the other side of the equals sign this morning.

Papandriopoulos, an electrical PhD from Melbourne (now living in San Francisco), built an app which allowed the iPhone to rapidly capture photos faster than the iPhone's native software could. The app allowed users to snap up to 20 photos per second at a resolution of 8-megapixels.

The sale is likely an acqui-hire: the process of hiring a developer by buying their startup simultaneously. Whether we'll see SnappyCam tech in the iOS Camera app remains to be seen. [re/code]

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