Suspicious USB Drive That Diverted Flight Was Actually Perv Cam

Suspicious USB Drive That Diverted Flight Was Actually Perv Cam

American Airlines Flight 24 from JFK to SFO landed in Kansas City this weekend after a suspicious package found in the lavatory instigated a bomb scare. Turns out that the suspicious package was actually a perv cam, disguised as a USB drive, taped to the wall of the bathroom. Because nobody would find that suspicious, right?

The device was reportedly first discovered by a member of the flight crew, who informed the plane’s 227 passengers as to the nature of the unscheduled stop. “To hear the phrase bomb scare, bomb threat, one of my daughters was crying. We calmed her down a bit, but I have to say, I’m pretty stressed out now too. So I’m trying to breathe deeply,” Javier Arau told CBS Kansas City affiliate KCTV-TV.

After the passengers were unloaded at the Kansas City Airport, the plane was moved to a remote area of the airfield and inspected. Four hours later, once the plane was deemed safe, its passengers re-boarded and continued on to San Francisco. There is no word yet on whether there were any images on the device, incriminating or otherwise. [CBS LocalImage: curimedia/Wiki]

Update: Javier Arau, quoted above, has reached out to us via Facebook with a bit of clarification:

To clarify, the captain first announced we had to make an unscheduled stop due to “a pressure issue” that needed maintenance. When we landed, the captain then announced that they actually had landed because of a bomb threat, and that they had found a device in the back of the plane. We were each interviewed by FBI agents, mainly asking if we had seen anything suspicious. I don’t know if they ever found the culprit or not. We never made it to JFK either. The flight ended up being reroutes to Boston. We then stayed in a hotel and are now in a car rental driving back to NYC.