You’ll Make Room For This Stunning Vintage Skeeball Game

If you’re as enamoured with this gorgeous vintage skeeball game as we are, finding space for it in your home won’t be a problem. Because you’ll happily ditch your dining room table, your living room sofa, even your bed to make room for this piece. It basically turns your home into your own private Chuck E. Cheese’s minus the screaming kids and disgusting layer of grease.

So what does $US7000 get you here? A 1930s-era cabinet made from hand-finished oak that’s been outfitted inside with modern electronics and wiring. However, it still retains a classic flip-style display scoreboard, a pull-handle activation lever, and five polished balls ready to launch up the runway.

You can get similar skeeball games on everything from your smartphone to your console these days, and for a lot less money. But they don’t come anywhere close to the charm of this vintage piece, so start rearranging that living room furniture. [Restoration Hardware via ALBOTAS]