Turn Your Photos Into Kaleidoscopic Eye Candy With This Cool App

Turn Your Photos Into Kaleidoscopic Eye Candy With This Cool App

Not every photo you take on your phone will be good. Many will be terrible. Until now, we’ve used filters in Instagram or Twitter to give these flops a little spunk. Well a new iOS app called Fragment takes a different approach to filters: Rather than adding a gauzy haze over your images, it shatters them.

After selecting a photo from your library or taking one yourself, Fragment presents you with a screen much like you’d see in Instagram, except that at the bottom you’ll see boxes with odd shapes in them where you’re used to seeing filters with nostalgic names. Each box plops different shape or series of shapes over your image through whichit’s refracted, as if by water. As you can see above, the results are weird and wonderful.

The app lets you customise the look of the final product many different ways so I highly recommend you just cycle through endless combinations of variables with the shuffle button until you get the hang of it.

You can apply adjustments to common attributes like contrast, blur, saturation, etc. on both the original image and the fragment on top of it. The fragment can be further tweaked in size and orientation. You can also slide the fragmented image around so that it’s focused on a different part of the original.

After you’re done tweaking your image you can easily share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or simply save it to your phone. Overall, the app is a lot of fun to play with and for $ it seems pretty reasonable, even if you don’t use it all the time. [iTunes]