Three Isn’t A Crowd When Everyone’s In Conjoined Hammocks

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but that principle does not apply when you’re talking about hammocks. Trinity Hammocks triple hammock structures give you three times the relaxation.

Trinity sells two models of the chilltastic hammock trifecta — the Infinity is a trio of three interconnected rings, and the Eternity is a a triple hammock cabana with a canvas canopy over the top. Each stainless steel structure comes with acrylic yarn or handwoven hammocks for (and this is the painful part) $US4950.

So, yeah, it’s for rich people. But, holy crap, this is the kind of thing you’d just never want to leave. Because who needs a house when you have a hammock fort for you and two friends?

[Trinity Hammocks via Design-Milk]