This Sleek Nativity Set Brings Good Design To The Christmas Story

This Sleek Nativity Set Brings Good Design to the Christmas Story

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but it needn't be chintzy. This sleek nativity set, for instance, brings some simple good design to the festive period.

The creation of London-based designer Emilie Voirin, the Minimal Nativity set is made up of wooden blocks with names printed in plain black capital letters. She explains:

"The characters have lost their features and colours for a modern appearance that could appeal to both believers and atheists... The holy scene that has been broadly reproduced is here recognisable by the names only, giving free rein to people's imagination."

Probably more appealing to those who actively embrace the religious side of Christmas, sure, but we can see what she means: there's something matter-of-fact about the design, which cuts through some of schmaltz of the season. You can buy the set direct from her website. [Emilie Voirin via DeZeen via Verge]

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