Do-It-Yourself Replica Leica Camera Made From A Plastic Poster

Building kit models is a great way to unwind while being (sort of) productive at the same time. But there are only so many tiny aeroplanes and tanks one can build before craving something different... say, a replica Leica camera you can build from a plastic poster. Sure, it won't be very useful in a mock dogfight, but it is cool as heck.

What you're seeing the video above (and the images below), is a promotional DIY kit put together for Leica by Saatchi & Saatchi Brazil to acknowledge the company's 100th anniversary. According to a story over at LeicaRumors, the kit was going to be sent out to those who purchased any of Leica's M cameras over the course of 2013. Unfortunately, it turns out producing the kits was cost-prohibitive, so said customers missed out.

Before you begin marvelling at how such a kit could result in a functional camera, it doesn't. While the finished product is neat to look at, you won't be taking any pictures with it. I suppose you could hold it up to your face and make fake shutter noises, as long as you don't mind running the risk of being institutionalised.

[Marcelo Riberio, via LeicaRumors]

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