The Instagram Accounts We Loved This Year

The Instagram Accounts We Loved This Year

Not every Instagram account is pictures of semi-famous tweens or farm-to-table food. There are some very artful, very niche accounts out there that we adore simply for their aesthetic merits. We’ve compiled a catalogue of the ones we follow so you can too.


There is nothing not to love about NASA’s Instagram feed. It has beautiful shots of clusters of stars, amazing aerial views of earth, and so much more.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s all pictures of payphones. Lonely payphones in lovely places that are probably very, very rarely in use.


Reuben Wu is a musician by trade — he’s a member of the electro act Ladytron and a DJ by trade — as well as a photographer, who posts all kinds of beautiful things to his account.


This abstract little guy is mostly close shots of interesting textures and patterns.


Do you like beautiful scenery and cute kids? Sam Javanrouh is a massively talented photographer that you should most definitely follow.


This account is run by a Brooklyn-based photographer whose subject matter runs the gamut from weird to mundane.


David Guttenfelder is an AP photographer embedded in North Korea, who documents crazy snippets from the inside.


Hungry? You’re about to be. Food52 is a blog, and its ‘grams of cookies and cakes and all things delicious are mouthwateringly good.


So apparently people try to take some really crazy things on aeroplanes, like nunchucks and guns and bowie knives. Good thing the TSA confiscates them and posts them to its Instagram account for our viewing pleasure.

Herman Miller

If you obsess over Eames chairs, you will enjoy design outfit Herman Miller’s account, which includes snapshots of furniture new and old, as well as little pieces of history like old ads and vintage photos.

Casey Neistat

Filmmaker and friend ‘o Gizmodo Casey Neistat travels the world and is an all-around crazy person (the best kind) who posts his exploits to his Instagram account. You might not be able to jet off to South Africa with him, but you can at least live vicariously through the pictures.


There’s probably no Instagram account that makes you want to reach through your screen to grab a tasty morsel that of New York-based food blog Immaculate Infatuation.

Action Bronson

Speaking of delicious food, Action Bronson is a rapper who loves fine fare, and posts his pics of delectable delights to his account. That saying about how you should never trust a skinny cook? That applies here.


General Electric has been putting technology in everything from fridges to fighter jets since the late 1800s. If you need any further proof as to just how ubiquitous the company is, check out its Instagram account.