Myer’s Online Store Is Still MIA

Myer’s Online Store Is Still MIA

Online retail in Australia is still in its infancy, as the current state of Myer’s online store demonstrates — or would, if it was actually working right now.

Business Insider notes that Myer’s online store has been unable to process any online transactions since Christmas day.

On the plus side, that means that the accounting for that period — typically the busiest of the Australian retail season — will be remarkably easy. It’s not that tough to count to zero, after all.

At the time of writing, Myer’s site is still down for the count, with a replacement splash graphic that suggests it’ll be closed “until further notice”, which will apparently be “once the site is stable”

It’s a timely reminder that you can in theory have the finest online sale — which may not be the case anyway given Myer’s frequent protests about GST on online sales — but if your back end infrastructure isn’t up to the task, nobody’s saving any money at all, and you’re not attracting any new customers either.

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