How Australia’s Real-World Zombie First-Person Shooter Will Make You Feel Pain

How Australia’s Real-World Zombie First-Person Shooter Will Make You Feel Pain
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You may remember the heroes from IRLShooter. They’re the ones who scored an abandoned building in Melbourne, filled it with zombies that would try to kill you and your team, and had you fight your way in and out through the other side. They’re bringing the creation to Sydney in 2014, but not without some new toys. Not only are the weapons realistic, the pain is too.

The folks at IRLShooter have gone and developed a pain belt system that specifically responds to the shots from one of their custom firearms to make you feel pain, without any projectile ever leaving the weapon or making contact with the target.

The guns are based on the M4A1 Carbine assault rifle, with realistic recoil, ejectable magazines and a realistic finish.

They even have a muzzle flash effect when they’re fired.

These guns fire a laser rather than a conventional projectile, which comes in contact with a vest all players wear.

Rather than the vest emitting lights or a simple sound when you’re hit, IRLShooter went for realism. You feel pain when you get shot.

There are five levels of intensity, with one being a light sting and five being an intense pain. As you can see from the IRLShooter tests, not even the guys that made this thing want to go as high as level five.

Albeit, it’s not the same as actually being turned to ribbons by an assault rifle, but you’ll soon learn you don’t want to be shot up again.

IRLShooter will be coming to Sydney next year. Tickets go on sale in just under two weeks.