Here's The Full NBN Co Strategic Report

Fancy a bit of lunchtime reading? Malcolm Turnbull dropped 134-pages of NBN report on us today. Get into it right here.

The full report is being hosted on NBN Co's website (PDF).

Here are a few headline points to come out of the report:

• The Fibre-To-The-Node rollout has been canned for existing Hybrid-Fibre Coaxial cable networks in the Telstra and Optus footprint, with optimisation to take place on these networks to improve existing speeds

• Bill Morrow, former CEO of Vodafone, is the new CEO of NBN Co.

NBN Co will miss its national 25Mbps roll-out target of 2016, instead pushing the roll-out date back to 2019.

The new NBN roll-out plan will cost $41 billion.

• Success is measured by cost-per-premises. FTTN is cheaper to roll-out: "Internationally, the cost of rolling out a new FTTP network in countries most comparable to Australia ranges from $1,100 - 1,300 per premises, for FTTN it ranges from $350 - 700 per premises, and for upgrading existing HFC networks to data over cable service interface specification (DOCSIS) 3.0 it is ~$100 per premises".

• NBN Co will approach the network deployment from a multi-technology model. Here’s how the network will now be deployed:

FTTP: ~20-26 per cent of premises FTTN: ~44-50 per cent of premises HFC: ~30 per cent of premises

“This approach delivers access to at least 50Mbps to ~90 percent of the fixed line footprint and 100Mbps to 65-75 percent by [2019], which is faster than the Revised Outlook.”

The Strategic Review found that Labor's FTTP NBN would have required $29 billion of extra capital funding, and missed its roll-out completion date by three years.

A new Corporate Plan will need to be completed and approved by 1 July 2014 for the new look NBN Co.

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