Foxtel Is About To Start Selling Broadband

Foxtel Is About To Start Selling Broadband

In a bid to be more relevant to an increasingly distracted TV audience, Foxtel is about to start selling consumer bundle plans including ADSL and NBN home broadband.

Australia’s largest pay TV provider will start offering bundles to home customers that include everything from broadband internet, through to home phone plans and of course, the TV service.

Foxtel will be reselling internet and home phone services via Telstra from next year. Telstra has offered what look to be similar bundle plans for years now, so it makes sense that it lets the TV arm of the business try and pull its own weight from next year.

Interestingly, Foxtel will resell NBN services where available, hopefully putting to rest the theory that the pay TV provider is somehow intimidated by the fibre network.

The pricing will be outed closer to the release date, but in the meantime, Foxtel is taking expressions of interest. [Foxtel via TV Tonight]