Can You Tell The Difference Between These Film And Digital Animations?

The eternal debate of film versus digital. In a sense, arguing between the two for any practical purpose is pretty much a moot point, since digital has become the go-to in the world of photography. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to compare the two every so often. This series of animations asks you to do just that, in a dazzling way.

Filmmaker Joey Shanks in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios put together this short video with side-by-side experiments shot with a Canon 5D (digital) and a Canon 7E (film). It’s kind of a strange test, because with so much movement in the frame it’s hard to really see the details of each image. Moreover, the resolution of HD video probably isn’t enough anyway to really do some serious examining.

But who cares because the video itself is just awesome to watch and just might come away with a new appreciation for the capability of digital, or the charm of film. [Youtube via ISO 1200]