An Inside Look At The Incredible TV Technology For Cricket's Ashes Series

Today, Australia continues its quest for the Ashes at the WACA, with momentum on our side. Last week, I was part of a group of mates lucky enough to score tickets to a couple of days' Ashes play at the $535 million Adelaide Oval. And courtesy of a friend who works for Nine, we were given a private tour of the $30m broadcast semi-trailer parked beneath the Bradman Stand. Plus: HotSpot reveals the Batsman who middles it most!

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We were there on days two and three of an amazing Ashes Test match. (Clarke, Haddin centuries: check. Johnson destroying Poms: check.)

Naturally, we were most excited about checking out HotSpot - the technology which has caused cricket fans so much grief in the past 12 months due to its critical role in Decision Review Systems. More importantly, we wanted to know which batsman had the keenest eye. Because if anyone would know, it would be these guys.

The answer's in the slide deck that follows, which is worth a look because there's a lot more going on down there - replays, ball tracking, helping Brett Lee get his words right. Even Photoshopping (sort of).

Originally published on Business Insider Australia

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