A Toaster For A Single Slice Of Bread Is Nothing To Be Sad About

A Toaster For a Single Slice of Bread Is Nothing To Be Sad About

Most people's first reaction to a toaster with just a single slot is to feel pity on the lonely soul who would need such a device. But that's the wrong reaction to have here. The pity part is ok — but not because the probable owner of this toaster must be single and lonely. It's more likely because they live in an incredibly cramped apartment with a kitchen no bigger than a closet.

This toaster might make toasting a bagel a long process since both sides have to be done separately, but what you lose in a few extra minutes of sleep, you gain in an appliance that's no bigger than a thick dictionary. Which means that if this $78 toaster is still too large to leave on your cramped counter all the time, you can easily stash it alongside your cookbooks on the bookshelf. [Plus Minus Zero via Japan Trend Shop]

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