7 Reasons Never To Give 4Chan A 3D Printer

7 Reasons Never To Give 4Chan A 3D Printer
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Over at 3D-printing marketplace Shapeways.com, inspired individuals are free to post their 3D-printable creations for all the world to buy. And, sure, there’s some more benign items like art and iPhone cases littered among the clutter, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find what Shapeways masses really want: Goatse. Twerking. Fresco Jesus — the whole gang’s right here.

Yes, the brilliant design minds over at Shapeways have freed your favourite chunks of the internet from their two-dimensional prisons, all so you can hold the bite-sized morsels of bizarreness with your own two hands. Sure, 3D printing gives us the potential to become damn-near demigods, but we’re still a long way away from that level of mastery. So until then, the internet has been more than happy to content itself with practising on this veritable hellscape of 3D-printed meme-ery. Plus, it can be all yours just in time for the holidays — because nothing says Merry Christmas like an earring in the shape of, well, you know.

Fresco Jesus


Twerking Einstein

Potato Chip Fresco Jesus

Google Glass Minus the Glass

Raptor-Riding Obama

The Goatse Gauge