Yahoo's Having A Domain Yard Sale: Who Wants

Yahoo's Having a Domain Yard Sale: Who Wants

Have you been frustrated to consistently find that the highly specific domain of your dreams is never available? If so, there's a good chance that Yahoo has been sitting on it for quite some time. And it's about to be your lucky day — Yahoo is getting ready to sell you 29 of its lifeless, dated domains with even more to come. Tempting!

Yes, any of these sites can belong to you, the blogsports enthusiast, for the low, low price of tens of hundreds of millions of dollars. The sale (dubbed Domainapalooza for reasons equally sad and fun) starts tomorrow, so here's a list of all 29 domains and the minimum price Meyer and co will be accepting for your perusal. As an added bonus, here's the GIF Yahoo is using to advertise its wares for reasons that no human can even begin to understand. May the best pipe-dream win. [Yahoo via QZ]

Yahoo's Having a Domain Yard Sale: Who Wants ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US250,000 — $US499,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US50,000 — $US99,999) ($US100,000 — $US249,999) ($US25,000 — $US49,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US1,000 — $US4,999) ($US50,000 — $US99,999) ($US100,000 — $US249,999) ($US5,000 — $US9,999) ($US1,000 — $US4,999) ($US50,000 — $US99,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US5,000 — $US9,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US1,000 — $US4,999) ($US5,000 — $US9,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US100,000 — $US249,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US25,000 — $US49,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US10,000 — $US24,999) ($US1,000,000 — $US1,499,999)

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