Xbox One Or PS4?

Xbox One or PS4?

The next generation of gaming consoles is finally, finally here. The PS4 and the Xbox One are both lovely in their own lovely ways, but you'd be crazy to get both. So which one -- if any -- do you pick?

If you just wanna play some gat dang games

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One are fantastic at playing games. A whole hell of a lot better than your old 360 or PS3, and probably better than your PC if you don't have a real, tricked out gaming rig. Moreover, since the Xbox One and the PS4 share a x86 architecture this time around, they are more alike than they've ever been.

But the PS4 has one big advantage over the Xbox One if literally all you care about is bleep bloop and pew pew. At $549, the PS4 comes in $50 cheaper than its Microsoft competitor. Sure, you miss out on a few Kinect bells and whistles, but none that are central to the gaming experience. The PS4's guts can churn out a 1080p stunner just as good as any Xbox One, and sometimes even better. COD: Ghosts on runs at upscaled 720p on the Xbox One, while on the PS4 it's pure, native 1080p.

You should buy: PS4

If you want the whole package

Alternatively, maybe a few hundred dollars is more than you want to pay just to play some games. Maybe you need a little more out of that investment. While the Xbox One is $50 more than the PS4, it also adds at least that much value in futuristic weirdness and set-top boxitude.

If you've got cable, the Xbox One can reinvent that horrible mess of a channel guide you have, and boil it down to just the ones you actually watch. And while the Xbox One's voice commands and Kinect-identification aren't perfect, they are there, and they're fantastically useful when they're working. And that's on top of it being a perfectly functional next-gen console with all the game fixins you could hope for. Having to shell out for Xbox Live Gold to get streaming is a drag, but that's the (stupid) price you pay for getting everything in one place.

You should buy: Xbox One

If you need something ASAP

The launch lineups for the PS4 and the Xbox One aren't exactly mind-blowing. Launch lineups for consoles rarely are. As time goes on and developers learn more and more tricks for really squeezing every ounce of juice out of these things, and putting out games that can really make your jaw drop.

So if you have an allegiance either way, or a particular affection for a console-exclusive series, feel free to follow your heart. Maybe you're holding out for a new Uncharted, or maybe you need need neeed Halo 5. Fortunately, both the PS4 and the Xbox One are hearty, capable consoles that can play games, stream video, and connect you with your friends just fine. But, in the absence of games you actually want to play right now, the Xbox One can do more things straight out of the box with its various media and interface tricks, no games required.

You should: Follow your heart, but go Xbox One if your heart can't decide.

If you have the slightest amount of self-control

What almost everyone should do is wait. Wait wait wait wait wait. Don't buy anything just yet. Launch hardware has a history of being a little wonky. The Xbox 360 had that huge red-ringing problem, there are at least some PS4s out there suffering a blue light of death.

And even if your console hardware works perfectly, there's just not too much to do with it yet. Sure, there are pretty launch games out, but those aren't the real must-plays. Watchdogs, Titanfall, Halo 5, Uncharted: Whatever, Destinylthese are all months away, at least. Why not hold off until then, if not longer?

So relax. You should buy a gadget for what it is, not what it's going to be, and unless there's a launch title you're for some reason positively desperate to get your grubby little paws on, both these consoles are just over-priced set-top boxes for now. Who knows how things will shake out in the coming months and years. Besides, if you can hold on long enough you'll probably be able to pick up either for way less cash.

You can do it. Deep breaths. There we go.

Almost everyone should buy: Nothing yet!

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      What a dick Kaz is. Microsoft congratulates Sony on their launch and that's what they do.

      At launch X1 looks the best just because of Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 also Titanfall out in March. In 2-3 years PS4 depending on exclusives.

        Dude it's a fake account. Calm down.

          2nd time I've been fooled by a parody account.

          Also Kaz is just trying to get a Ryse out of you.

    Im waiting for pepsi or coke to have some sort of drink this and win competition to try and win one first..........

    Though I could try Santa, he never coughed up a super nintendo for me and ruined my childhood so the fat guy owes me.

      hate to break it to you forget you this year!

      Question is, which would you want: a pristine, brand-new Super Nintendo, or an Xbox One/PS4?

      Guy I knew had to drink an absolute SHIT tonne of coke to get enough reward points for a PS3, submitting the maximum number of points per day. I honestly don't know if he really saved that much money, and he really drank way too much coke.

    That extra power in the ps4 means nothing if there are no games to play.

      I'm sure that's gong to be a real issue with Playstation being the system with the best and most varied gaming library three generations in a row and with Sony' stellar recent first party games on PS3.

    Personally I'm leaning toward the Xbox One, but right now I'm not willing to buy either of the consoles. I'll probably wait for next year when games like Watch Dogs and Tiatnfall come out before I consider buying.

      Yeah I was going to do this but now Im soo keen on playing DR3 and Forza 5 that im getting the Xbone - The game I really wanted the PS4 at launch for was Watchdogs and I fear that even though that was delayed its still not gonna be too amazing considering its still going to be a port. This weekend is going to be a zombie hack slash, car racing fiesta for me!

    Just wait till 2025, Apple is coming out with a console... The iGamer!

    ...i'll just be over there, in that corner, if you need me...

    I agree get both for sure.......Not that pricey for 8 years or so of gaming

      I got both last round because the PS3 was better for media, and I was sucked in by the whole "more powerful" crap at the beginning of the generation. Ended up getting a 360 for games though when the slim came out.

      Given the One now looks better for media than the PS, I don't think I'll bother this gen, if I go dual platform, I'll get a Wii U for some unique games.

    "and probably better than your PC if you don’t have a real, tricked out gaming rig"

    Ha ha. If by tricked out rig you mean say a middle of the road cpu like i5 and 7850 graphics card, sure I guess so. Evven crappy AMD is about to release hardware making the Xbox and PS4 out of date in a few months.

      Normally I don't like commenting on the PC vs console debate, but this is the thing that has disappointed me the most about the console generation - the hardware is outclassed by middle-range PC hardware. You can build a PC with roughly equivalent hardware to the PS4 for about $650. It's not like when the last generation released and they matched top end PC hardware, this generation they're well behind, and I can't figure out why.

        I don't know why either.. i don't think either companies want to risk selling their console at a loss for a couple years like previous launches. They know that people will be happy with improved graphics over the last gen and if one console ended up looking 'almost' as good as the 2-300 dearer console then they will probably just get the cheaper one and it will outsell based on price. The majority of people buying consoles aren't the ones with $2000 gaming rigs looking for 16x AA, otherwise they would... uhhh.. use their gaming rig... haha.
        That said, i have used a killer gaming rig for the last couple years because the old consoles were getting stale. i like the console ecosystem and the ease of use, no worrying about driver issues, installing and using 3rd party apps for stuff and i just prefer a controller for most games.. I'll buy xbox day 1 and ps4 next year. i have mates on all platforms so it doesn't bother me.
        It's just a shame to hear them struggling to get [email protected] on a lot of games.. doesn't seem very future proof... but time will tell to see how they improve i guess. Either way i'm still excited to get my hands on them.

          Consoles selling for a loss like previous launches??? Pretty sure I paid out $1300 for a launch day PS3 with 3 games and an extra controler... I'd like to know what the break even cost was?

        Economics man.

          They had a good model last generation packing in performance and making the consoles loss leaders. For whatever reason they decided not to do that this time, but they haven't reduced game prices either.

            Why would they? they are not in the business of satisfying customer demands. They are in the business of satisfying share holders demands. As long as they can milk money from consumers they will. Customer satisfaction is just side effect to the process of posting profits. If you want to spend your money and know that every dollar you spent went towards creating a product that was created to satisfy your demands then play indie games. If not be prepared to pay the premium for the next version of Call of Duty 4.

              Satisfying customer demands is how you make money, which is how you pay shareholders. It seems a bit naive to think the two aren't interrelated at an important level. If your hardware choices push people away from consoles and towards Steam Box or PC, shareholders get angry.

    I've got my Xbox One pre-ordered, and have a day off to enjoy myself with my son tomorrow. Yes I could wait and get it cheaper, but as I have an original 2006 Xbox 360 which functions more like a heater than a console, and sounds like a 747 preparing for take-off, I would much rather welcome in the new console generation as soon as possible.

      I honestly doubt you'll find a better deal than Big W's before Xmas anyway, and it's still not much of a saving considering if you pre ordered a while ago you'll get a Day 1 edition with FIFA.

    arguably the 2 consoles together cost close to as much as a PS3 did all those years ago (factoring in inflation)
    so i am currently not getting both simply because i missed xbone preorders as i couldn't make up my mind. i almost preordered both and then expected to decide later. if i had done that id likely be off to EB two fridays in a row

    PS4, but only because all of my mates are getting one

    If you want to play games online - Xbox One
    If you want to play your own music - Xbox One
    If you want to play CDs - Xbox One
    If you want to stream movies from an external harddrive - Xbox One
    If you don't want to pay an extra $90 for the Camera - Xbox one
    If you want to multi-task - Xbox One
    If you want voice control - Xbox One
    If you want better looking graphics - Xbox One (COD at 720p looks better than 1080p on PS4)
    If you worried about the Blue Light of Death - Xbox One

      If you want better looking graphics - Xbox One (COD at 720p looks better than 1080p on PS4)

      Apologize for Microsoft more please. Just accepting what's given to you haha

      If you want to be milked of your money - Xbox One
      If you want to make the NSA's job much easier - Xbox One
      If you blindly pay for things because of the brand name - Xbox One
      If you have a good internet connection - Xbox One

    Bizarrely I'm thinking PS3.
    I don't have a Blu ray and I need a media (DLNA) streamer which neither XBone or PS4 have.
    Would also like to play heavy rain and the last of us which never came to XBox360.
    I'm hoping the new consoles will mean a price drop on the old ones.
    Am I crazy or sensible?
    I await the inevitable onslaught ...

      XB1 supports DLNA pushes, you just have to trigger it from another device. What you can't do is use the XB1 interface to start up media right now, but hopefully they add that in a future update.

    I think I will stick with my JAMMA arcade cab with a real arcade low res CRT (NO LCD RUBBISH HERE) , to play games with real joysticks, and great game play, 80's style! more of these should be built I think! Buy an arcade cab instead!

      So true, finished off my own cab about 6 months ago and haven't touched my Xbox or Ps3 since!

    Almost everyone should buy: Nothing yet!
    I decided years ago that I don't have to be an early adopter. It saves so much frustration when you have a mature piece of tech.

    For the "wait then see" option suggesting we wait for better games before ordering.

    I Pre-ordered my PS4 back when watch_dogs was a launch title. I suspect there are a few people in a similar situation of having expected something on launch day or within the first months and then the rumors of a 2013 launch fell though or the "definite" release date got pushed back.

      well then you are still on a winner... keep your pre order, sell it and make 100 bucks then buy again when watch dogs comes out...

    To be honest from what I've seen of both and I say seen I have yet to play either. Nothing is really selling me on them yet or making me want to upgrade my old consoles.

    i'll stick with nothing yet, Waiting for Halo 5.

    ps4. more powerful lower price. looks a lot better too. dont' understand the whole package argument. why power on the xbox or ps4 other than play games or rent movies? video streaming, voice/cameras controls? just plug it to the back of the tv and use the remotes. what a waste of electricity. only complaints is the damn thing is $150 more than those sold in the u.s

    Pre-ordered my PS4 today and was informed it won't arrive till a least February, gives me a few months to wait for some good games to come out as none of the launch titles are interesting or anything standout

    My sincere advice is you should buy a PS4 now. Why? You can see here:

    I'm going to relive my days as a 14yo teen when I bought my PS and FF7.

    PS4 and FF15 here I come!!

    i went from all playstations to the xbone and im loving it!

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