What's So Bad About Friday The 13th Anyway?

Superstition takes many forms — numbers, trinkets, articles of clothing you should probably find the time to wash... you get the idea. We humans are constantly looking for meaning in the most random of things, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? As usual, Mental Floss is on the case, tackling 32 of the more prominent superstitions in today's culture.

The almost 10-minute video covers its subjects at breakneck pace, with numbers such as 7 and 666 occupying the early parts of the clip, before moving onto activities like tossing salt over your shoulder and mirror breaking.

Incidentally, the next Friday the 13th is in December and yes, this happens to be the second superstition the video covers. Apparently, it's "unclear" why the day and number combination is so notorious, though by themselves, Friday has the whole crucifixion of Jesus attached to it, while 13... well, 13 is just less preferred to 12.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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