What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

It’s been a heated week for the National Broadband Network, with all involved working feverishly to shout down the other side in a bid to have themselves heard, both in and outside of Parliament House.

A Senate Inquiry into the NBN and its management has been running for a lot of this week. There are loads of interesting tidbits in there, and we recommend you grab yourself a steaming hot beverage and have a read of how it all played out via the magic of Hansard (PDF).

In the meantime, a secret document reportedly leaked to Fairfax shows that the Coalition will likely miss its all important 2019 target for the FTTN network.

The shouting about the NBN was taken to the streets this week, with a day of action not going as planned.

Meanwhile, we’ve all shouted ourselves deaf about what good a 1Gbps connection would do for an economy, yet the new head of NBN Co doesn’t really see the point.