Wait, AMD Is Making A Windows 8 Gaming Tablet? Not Exactly

A few days ago, images of an AMD-branded tablet — complete with red trimmings — found their way onto the internet. The most prominent feature of the device was a gamepad-like peripheral, hinting at the possibility the semiconductor company might want to light a fire under the gaming tablet market. Which is kind-of accurate, but not the entire story.

As TechReport's William O'Neal reports, AMD has indeed built its own tablet — but it's for concept purposes only. Codenamed "Project Discovery", the units will be demoed at CES next year, in a bid to show manufacturers what can be done with AMD's new low-power Mullins APU.

O'Neal spoke to an AMD representative, who confirmed the tablet's existence, but didn't provide any extra details on what hardware it will pack. It will however run Windows 8 and make use of AMD's "DockPort" tech. As for AMD pumping out its own tablets?

"AMD does not plan to enter the market with a branded tablet and peripherals at this time".

Well, that answers that question.


Images: TechRadar

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