Volkswagen’s New App Creates Music Based On Your Driving Style

Have you ever noticed that how you drive is often based on what you’re listening to? Softer music can make you a more cautious driver, while loud upbeat tunes make you more aggressive. But it’s the other way around with this new app from VW. It generates music in real-time based on how you already drive, so your habits behind the wheel affect what’s being played on your sound system.

The app, which is designed to collect data while a smartphone is connected to a VW GTI’s computer, takes everything from speed, engine RPM, acceleration, G-forces, and even GPS location into account to generate a unique and always original soundtrack.

Developed alongside dance music group Underworld, the app unfortunately isn’t available to the public — at least yet. Volkswagen is initially using it for a competition where drivers can win the opportunity to ‘compose’ their own track on a special course. But given so much driving data can be gleaned using a smartphone’s gyro, microphone and other built-in sensors, there’s no reason this app couldn’t be made available to everyone eventually. [Volkswagen via Damn Geeky]