Virgin Mobile Now Doubling Data On Plans

Virgin Mobile Now Doubling Data On Plans

Much like rival Vodafone did a few weeks ago, Virgin Mobile has pledged to start doubling the data available to customers from now through to January.

Virgin Mobile will give you twice as much data as you’d normally get on your plan starting from today and running right through to 13 January.

It’s only on selected plans, however: customers on the Virgin Mobile $60 and Virgin Mobile $90 plans, as well as their BYO equivalents, will only get the double data offer if they’re either a new customer or an existing customer recontracting onto one of the two plans.

The double data offer will continue through the life of the contract, be it 12- or 24-months, and customers can also grandfather in the offer by going on a month-to-month option after their contract is up in order to hold onto the data.

As usual, existing customers get nothing.

This offer means that instead of the $60 Plan’s 1.5GB of data and the $90 Plan’s 3GB of data, you’ll now get 3GB and 6GB respectively.

Anyone else think that Aussie telcos shouldn’t be praised for giving their customers essentially what they should be getting anyway at those sort of spend levels?