Try Your Hand At Crosswords Made From The Adobe Password Leak

Originally just a comic from Randall Munroe of xkcd, one enterprising internet person decided to take the 1000 most common passwords from the recent Adobe breach and transform them into a series of ten crosswords... which you can complete, if you're in the mood.

A fellow by the name of Ben Falconer decided to bring the comic to life, starting with the top 100 passwords (kindly provided by security firm Stricture Group). For the rest, Falconer had to begin guessing, though this turned out not to be that hard:

I've only used the 1000 most common passwords in this, of those I guessed 65%, spending less than 10 seconds on each, the remaining ones were mostly people's names or non-English words.

The guesses were based on password hints (for example "adobe 2x"), which most of the time ended up being the password itself.

The crosswords themselves are exactly what you'd expect for, well, a crossword, except the answers are provided in hashed form if you happen to be a robot, though you're more likely to guess them via the clues. Don't worry — if you're feeling lazy, there's a "Reveal" button that fills in all the answers.


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