This HTC Passive Speaker Costs $8000

This HTC Passive Speaker Costs $US8,000

If you're looking for particularly decadent accessory for your HTC One, perhaps you'd be interested in a wonderfully elaborate gramophone-inspired passive speaker? If you've got at least $8000 lying around at any rate.

Designed by Justin Wolter as part of HTC's push for more creative design, it's actually called the Gramohorn II. No electronics are involved: it simply amplifies the sound by taking the output from the HTC One's (actually quite good!) speakers and focussing it more effectively.

The Gramohorn is available in a plaster composite, finished by hand, for $US1600. Or, for those with blurred lines between money and sense, a stainless steel and bronze version will set you back $US8000. Before you pony up, it may be worth remembering that it's designed to work exclusively with the HTC One, a device that will almost certainly be obsolete in a couple of years. Hmm. [HTC via TechCrunch]

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