This Excellent Timelapse Captures Sydney At Its Most Beautiful

I'm sure there are plenty of places on Earth that make great subjects for timelapse photography, but Sydney manages to pop its head up on a eerily consistent basis. Perhaps there's nothing more to it than the shiny lights and iconic shape of the Opera House, which, I'm sure you'll agree, always astounds when good camera-smiths aim their hardware at it.

The almost two-minute timelapse above is brought to us by photographer Matthew Vandeputte, who snapped 100,000+ photos over the course of a year while travelling around the world. The photos were captured using two cameras — a Canon 5D Mark III and 600D. Editing and composition were handled by Lightroom, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X.

Two recommendations before watching the video — turn the sound down as the music will do evil things to your eardrums and up the video quality to at least 720p as there's quite a bit of motion between 30 and 50 seconds that looks like a mess at lower resolutions.

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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