These Final Hours Is An Incredible-Looking Aussie End-Of-The-World Movie

Who knew Australia could produce a genuinely good-looking film, let alone a moving end-of-the-world movie. Get in here and watch the trailer for These Final Hours.

Fair warning, it's NSFW-ish.

These Final Hours stars Nathan Phillips of Wolf Creek-fame, and focusses on his characters journey to a killer end-of-the-world party. The world has 12 hours left, and partying is probably how I'd want to go out too.

Along the way, however, he meets a little girl who needs to get home to her Dad, and the action plays itself out from there.

The film debuted at the Melbourne International Film Festival, picking up a gong along the way. It has since been picked up by Roadshow Films for a 2014 release.

Check out the trailer soon, the video is listed as private and might be taken down soon. We can't wait to see this film! Update: Embedding has been disabled, but here's the link.


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