The Walking Dead Meets Lost In This Remake Of Dead Island's Classic Trailer

It's hard to forget that trailer for Dead Island. While it ultimately proved to have little to do with what the game was about, its surprising emotional impact remained intact. Now, almost three years on, Machinima has put together a live-action version that, I dear say, tops the original.

It's basically a direct copy of Dead Island's announcement trailer, with a few altered details here and there. For one, the opening scene of the remake is much less gloomy than Techland's version and features a few less zombies.

Otherwise, it's a faithful reproduction and if you showed it to someone who had no idea it was a game, they'd probably ask you when this awesome TV show that blends Lost with The Walking Dead is supposed to come out. It's up to you whether you have the heart to tell them "never".

Here's the original trailer for comparison:


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