Swappable Heads Make This Torch Six Lights In One

Swappable Heads Make This Torch Six Flashlights-In-One

With the right app, our phones can become almost any device we need, and Light & Motion is taking a similar approach with its new GoBe torch. Except that instead of software, it uses a set of six swappable heads that allow you to customise the torch's beam for specific needs — like a wide bright light when riding your bike in the city, or a soft red glow that protects your night vision when bushwalking.

Waterproof to almost 120m, the GoBe uses a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that keeps the torch lit for up to 36 hours on the dimmest of its four brightness settings, while an indicator keeps you informed of when the battery is going to need a charge so you're not caught off guard.

Swappable Heads Make This Torch Six Flashlights-In-One

The six swappable heads provide varying degrees of brightness and spread, with some covering wide areas while others feature a focused spot ideal for nighttime searches. The more unique options include the Red Focus which uses a red-tinted beam to preserve your own natural night vision, and the Nightsea which works more or less like an ultraviolet light to cause objects or plant life to fluoresce.

Available starting at the end of the month the GoBe can be purchased with any of the available elements, and ranges in price from $US200 to $US330 depending on which option you choose. The heads themselves will hopefully all be available for purchase separately, but only the Red Focus is at the moment, and it will set you back a hefty $US99. That's quite a bit more expensive than an app, but at least you're not tied into a contract that says this is the only torch you can use for the next two years. [Light & Motion via Gizmag]

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