Rumour: Nokia Is Readying An 8-Inch Lumia Tablet For 2014

Rumour: Nokia Is Readying an 8-Inch Lumia Tablet for 2014

Two independent sources — Evleaks and The Verge — are reporting that Nokia is in the process of preparing a second, smaller Windows-based Lumia tablet, which might be available next year. According to both sources, the project is currently codenamed the Illusionist.

The tablet would, apparently, ship with Windows RT 8.1, a Qualcomm processor and an 8-inch screen. The sources also suggest that the tablet, said to have a similar look and feel to the recently announced 2520 slate, would be available next year, when the 6-inch Lumia makes its debut.

What's not clear is how Nokia's tablet plans would square with Microsoft's. With the takeover of the Finn's hardware division expected to complete early 2014, both companies have to continue with current product plans to avoid regulatory issues — but that might see the pair doubling up with smaller tablets, as Microsoft is also rumoured to be working on one with a 7.5-inch screen. And does the world really need that many small Windows tablets? [Evleaks, Verge]

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