Pebble’s New Software Means New iOS Notifications, Web-Capable Apps

Pebble’s New Software Means New iOS Notifications, Web-Capable Apps

Pebble, one of the best smartwatches on the market, just got smarter with a huge software update today.

The new iOS 7 changes bring Pebble up to the flat-designed present, integrating the smartwatch with the overhauled Notification Center introduced by Apple recently.

Pebble now receives messages from any app integrated into Notification Center, including Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dropbox, Whatsapp and a bunch more. The new Pebble app that will facilitate this is currently being reviewed by Apple.

As well as the updated notification system for iOS users, Pebble is launching its SDK 2.0 for developers to build cool stuff with. It opens up a swathe of new APIs for developers to tinker with, including the Accelerometer, persistent storage and Javascript.

Pebble says that the new SDK and the new APIs will allow Pebble to have apps that can communicate with the web for better weather, transit information and location experiences.

Apps in the works from SDK 2.0 include Foursquare, GoPro and Yelp, with more to come.

This makes the Pebble a much more attractive wearable proposition. We can’t wait! [Pebble]