Optus Unlimited Broadband: OK But Still Some Limits

Optus Unlimited Broadband: OK But Still Some Limits

The notion of “unlimited” broadband is appealing to many customers, but plans that profess to offer it often come with other strings attached. Optus’ revamp of its broadband to offer “unlimited” My Home and My Office bundles has some benefits, but still has a few strings attached.

For $115 a month, you can receive unlimited broadband access, plus unlimited calls to Australian numbers. If you don’t want to be on a 24-month contract, you can pay $10 a month extra for the same deal. The plans are available as NBN options, but you’ll have to pay extra if you want anything more than the lowest speeds ($5 a month for 25/10, $10 for 50/20, or $20 for 100/40.

One aspect we like: if you move house, you won’t be charged to transfer from one premises to another. You can also move up and down between plans, so you can choose a cheaper option (such as $90 a month with 200GB downloads and uploads) if you wish.

$115 a month is still a lot of money. If you largely use your mobile for calling, a cheaper broadband-only plan could still prove better value. (As usual, Optus will reserve the right to restrict usage in extreme cases — something that applies to every unlimited plan we’ve ever seen.)


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