Moments Lost: A Blade Runner Tribute That's More Than A Replicant

Blade Runner is more than a cult classic: it's an icon, the modern definition of dystopian future-noir. Its visual, auditory and narrative complexity remain striking more than 30 years after its debut. Now, a Swedish group of artists, musicians and writers seeks to create an entire experience inspired by the seminal movie, with help from Indiegogo.

Moments Lost is part fanfic, part musical tribute, and part historical preservation. The goal is to create a full eight-song album, using the same iconic (and very rare) Yamaha CS-80 analogue synthesiser that made composer Vangelis's original soundtrack sound simultaneously futuristic and bleak. Each song will serve as the backdrop to a new short story by Emil Arctaedius, based in the Blade Runner universe but with new characters. Noted sci-fi artists Killian Eng and HR-FM will provide the visuals to complete the package.

If Moments Lost hits its goal, the team plans to deliver the completed project by May 2014. It looks like it'll be very cool. Personally, I'm hoping this replicant doesn't get retired. [Moments Lost on Indiegogo]

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