It’s NBN Public Action Day…Apparently

It’s NBN Public Action Day…Apparently

When you came to work today, you probably saw people pushing along fibre cabinets, carrying placards, wailing in the street and tying themselves to Telstra buildings with networking cable. It’s a National Broadband Network Day of Action, of course. Wait, you didn’t see that? Well what’s all the fuss about then?

Outside of Malcolm Turnbull’s office right now is a group of 20 people, holding signs and wearing t-shirts saying that they want a Fibre To The Home NBN. Why are they there, you ask?

A few months ago 270,000 people signed a petition saying they wanted a Fibre To The Home National Broadband Network. You know, the one that was tossed out with the last government.

The guy running the show these days, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, took the Fibre To The Node NBN to the election as one of the most detailed policies in the electoral manifesto, and they won. Now these 20 people are unhappy about it, and want to hand-deliver the FTTH petition that Turnbull has consistently brushed off.

I think if everyone in Malcolm Turnbull’s office came out onto the street right now, the staffers would beat the protesters in a Battle Royale. It’s that small.

Here’s a photo of the protest from El Reg’s Simon Sharwood.

Come on guys.

This “protest” shows people the difference between eating the burger and buying the cow. 270,000 people signed a petition for faster internet. They didn’t care how it was delivered.

If you want to get involved in the “National” NBN Action Day, check out the literature, or follow Simon Sharwood for a blow-by-blow on the ground. Jesus wept.

Riot police image via Shutterstock