In The Future, Shopping Centres Will Be Halls Full Of Screens

In the Future, Malls Will Be Halls Full of Screens

Westfield Labs is partnering with eBay this Christmas to offer the world a sneak peek at the shopping centre of the future. And it's just a bunch of touchscreens.

Sony, Toms and Rebecca Minkoff are all simulating the experience of shopping online by offering digital storefronts that amount to heavily branded kiosks where you can order stuff that will then be delivered to your house. After all, why shop online from the comfort of your own home, when you can simply drive to the shopping centre, fight for a parking spot, walk inside amongst the crowds of families and children, wait in line for a while, and then punch in your order on a touchscreen, before turning around and driving back home again?

Think of it this way: Shopping centres will have to find some use for all that real estate when people forget how to buy things from other people. Turning into giant touchscreens is at least one attempt to save themselves.


    As Adam alluded to, this would not really work UNLESS there are actually other reasons to go to the shopping centre, you would need at least some shops that still offer the traditional method of selling, as well as the usual eateries, people watching, entertainment, peacocking and socialising aspects.

      Exactly. Shopping centers become destination "parks". The big ones are almost amusement parks while the little ones are like boardwalks.

      Stores selling consumables, amusements, and a range of "take home" stuff. And most of that will come from high end 3D printing. ie custom clothing, photolabs that can print on basically any material, retail items like bicycles where are the parts are customizable, etc, etc.

      Then you will have the virtual malls scattered around as part of every thing else.

      So really just an interactive billboard with a limited AI that can sell to you.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.

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