Coin Is Beefing Up Its Card Security

Coin Is Beefing Up Its Card Security

It’s not even out on the market for people to use yet and already the credit card of the future, Coin, is beefing up its security to make you feel better about handing over all your payment, membership and other swipe-card data.

The Coin is basically a smart credit card that lets you store multiple payment cards and membership cards in the one device for you to carry about. You load card data into the Coin by swiping your card into a card reader accessory for iOS, and the device is loaded with the data via Bluetooth. Nifty!

Coin already implemented a feature that gave you a ping when you walked too far away from it, or it walked too far away from you in the case that it had been stolen, and now there’s another security feature which is bound to be more helpful.

CNET reports that Coin will now set off an alarm when it realises that someone other than you is trying to change the card it’s set to or if it’s being swiped multiple times indicating an attempt at theft.

The founder is also stressing that the Coin is still secured by 256-bit AES encryption so all your data is safe.

Would that make you feel better about getting the Coin? [CNET]